Installing Your HubSpot Integration

Learn how to install your HubSpot integration in bliro.

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If you're looking to become even more of an expert bliro user, then you might be looking to put bliro's HubSpot integration, and all it has to offer, to use.

Before taking on this task, please check that you have Admin rights in HubSpot, and that your are using the same email for both accounts. Second, make sure all bliro users are using the same email address for their bliro and HubSpot accounts. If users do not log in with the same email on both platforms, information will not be logged in HubSpot appropriately.

Installing Your HubSpot Integration

Follow the steps below to get started:

  • Click on your avatar icon and go to Settings & Members

  • Select Integrations from the left sidebar menu

  • Click on Connect on the HubSpot panel

  • You will be redirected to HubSpot.

  • If you are not logged in to HubSpot, you will be directed to a login page for HubSpot

  • Once you are logged in, you will be taken to a page where you can choose which of your HubSpot accounts to integrate. After selecting an account, click Choose Account

  • You will then be directed to a page where you will approve access to your HubSpot account. Either click the check mark, or simply wait on the page to approve access

  • Once you have logged in and approved access, your integration will be completed!

  • Click on Close Popup Window to return to

That's it. The next time you use bliro for one of your meeting, bliro automatically connects to your HubSpot CRM system. All important meeting insights will be synchronized with your HubSpot Contacts, Deals and Companies.

Minimal Required User Permissions

For bliro users in order to sync bliro meeting data with HubSpot CRM, each bliro user requires a minimal set of HubSpot user permissions.
Bliro is reading and writing CRM objects like Companies, Contacts, Deals and Tickets on behalf of its users. This means that the users need at least these permissions in order to connect bliro and HubSpot. In more detail:

To edit HubSpot user permissions log in to HubSpot App and go to

โš™๏ธ > Account Setup > Users & Team

Please make sure that each user, who needs to connect bliro with HubSpot has assigned at least the following permissions:

  • CRM

    • Object Access

      • Contacts

        • View (Owned Only or more)

        • Edit (Owned Only or more)

      • Companies

        • View (Owned Only or more)

        • Edit (Owned Only or more)

      • Deals

        • View (Owned Only or more)

        • Edit (Owned Only or more)

      • Tickets

        • View (Owned Only or more)

        • Edit (Owned Only or more)

      • Tasks

        • View (Owned Only or more)

      • Notes

        • View (Owned Only or more)

    • CRM Tools

      • Edit Property Settings

        • On (Activated)

Once the users have these permissions or more, they will be able to connect bliro with HubSpot and push meeting information from bliro directly into HubSpot CRM.

A note on "Edit Property Settings" permission:

"Edit Property Settings" is a powerful permission which allows user to make changes to object properties like of Contacts, Companies or Deals. This is why, companies often do not grant their HubSpot users "Edit Property Settings" permission on HubSpot.

Bliro does not use this setting either, we are not changing any object properties. The fact that HubSpot requires this user permission for the bliro app is a known issue at HubSpot since 2021 which affects many HubSpot Marketplace Apps.

A workaround, to install the bliro HubSpot Marketplace app without granting "Edit Property Settings" longterm, is to (1) grant the user "Edit Property Settings", (2) Wait until the user installed the bliro HubSpot Marketplace app and (3) remove the "Edit Property Settings" permission again. The bliro HubSpot Marketplace app will continue to work flawlessly and customers minimize the risk of users accidentally misusing the "Edit Property Settings" permission.


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