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Configuring the Bliro Integration in HubSpot
Configuring the Bliro Integration in HubSpot

A comprehensive and rather short guide for HubSpot Super Admins to integrate Bliro and HubSpot

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If you tried to connect HubSpot CRM Integration with bliro and did not have the permissions to do so, please send the link of this guide to your HubSpot Super Admin

To allow users of your HubSpot organization to connect HubSpot with bliro, two requirements must be met.

  1. Bliro HubSpot app must be installed globally for your HubSpot organization

  2. HubSpot users require a minimal set of CRM permissions

Global App Installation

A Super Admin installing an app in a HubSpot account always makes the app globally available for the whole HubSpot organization. For other users to connect bliro and HubSpot, bliro HubSpot app must be installed by the Super Admin.

How to find Connected Apps

You can find your HubSpot organization’s connected apps at

⚙️ > Account Setup > Integrations > Connected Apps

One requirement that other HubSpot users can access bliro, is that you as a Super Admin connected bliro HubSpot app with your HubSpot account. If connected, you will find the bliro app under Connected Apps as shown underneath. If you have the bliro HubSpot app installed, you can proceed to the next step, checking your users’ CRM permissions.

How to connect the bliro HubSpot app?

Yet, bliro HubSpot app is not listed in the HubSpot marketplace. But we are in the reviewing process of HubSpot. That is why you need to connect the bliro HubSpot app via your bliro account or via a bliro API link.

I do have a bliro account?

If you have a bliro account already, then open your bliro desktop application and go to

Settings > Integrations

There you will find different third parties that we are integrating with. Among others, you will find HubSpot. Please click the HubSpot icon and connect your HubSpot account to bliro. At the end of the process, you will see a Success! Message in the browser.

I do not have a bliro account.

If you do not have a bliro account and you do not want to create one, please replace [YOUR_COMPANY] in the following URL. Make sure that you do not use whitespaces but underscores instead so that the URL is still valid.[YOUR_COMPANY]&oauth=hubspot

Now paste the URL into your browser and follow the instructions. This just takes 10 seconds.

Minimal user permissions

Bliro is reading and writing CRM objects like Companies, Contacts, Deals and Tickets on behalf of its users. This means that the users need at least these permissions in order to connect bliro and HubSpot. In more detail:

User permissions can be edited at:

⚙️ > Account Setup > Users & Team

Please make sure that each user, who needs to connect bliro with HubSpot has assigned at least the following permissions:

  • CRM

    • Object Access

      • Contacts

        • View (Owned Only or more)

        • Edit (Owned Only or more)

      • Companies

        • View (Owned Only or more)

        • Edit (Owned Only or more)

      • Deals

        • View (Owned Only or more)

        • Edit (Owned Only or more)

      • Tickets

        • View (Owned Only or more)

        • Edit (Owned Only or more)

      • Tasks

        • View (Owned Only or more)

      • Notes

        • View (Owned Only or more)

    • CRM Tools

      • Edit Property Settings

        • On (Activated)

Once the users have these permissions or more, they will be able to connect bliro with HubSpot and push meeting information from bliro directly into HubSpot CRM.

A note on "Edit Property Settings" permission:

"Edit Property Settings" is a powerful permission which allows user to make changes to object properties like of Contacts, Companies or Deals. This is why, companies often do not grant their HubSpot users "Edit Property Settings" permission on HubSpot.

Bliro does not use this setting either, we are not changing any object properties. The fact that HubSpot requires this user permission for the bliro app is a known issue at HubSpot since 2021 which affects many HubSpot Marketplace Apps.

A workaround, to install the bliro HubSpot Marketplace app without granting "Edit Property Settings" longterm, is to (1) grant the user "Edit Property Settings", (2) Wait until the user installed the bliro HubSpot Marketplace app and (3) remove the "Edit Property Settings" permission again. The bliro HubSpot Marketplace app will continue to work flawlessly and customers minimize the risk of users accidentally misusing the "Edit Property Settings" permission.

Questions & Feedback

If you encounter any problems while setting up HubSpot or if you have feedback, please reach out to [email protected].

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