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How to use AI Notes templates for your meetings
How to use AI Notes templates for your meetings
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Once you have created your templates on the bliro platform you can create meeting summaries based on these templates. Learn how to create templates here.

In order to use templates for your meetings, make sure that the relevant templates are marked as active via the orange toggle. By default, bliro will use your Default Template to summarise your meetings (in this case "✏️ - Standard Meeting").

Choose a different template for your Calendar Events

To use a different template, just click on the icon in your desktop app (in this example: "✏️") and choose the template you want to use for that call (e.g. "πŸŽ™- Sales Qualification").

Now "πŸŽ™- Sales Qualification" is the active template and the meeting will be summarised based on this template.

Choose a different template for Non-Calendar Meetings

To select a template for meetings that are not in your calendar, just click on the icon next to "New Meeting".

Select the respective template and your call will start.

Regenerate Summaries based on a different template

It can always happen that you selected the wrong template before the meeting or that the meeting went differently than expected and the template was not a good fit. If that happens you can always regenerate AI Meeting Notes based on a different template.

Just find the respective meeting your bliro plattform and change the meeting's template.

Once you have selected a new template, find the stars (✨) in the upper right corner of your screen. Click on the stars to create a new Summary.

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