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Enhance bliro's AI Notes with AI Note Templates
Enhance bliro's AI Notes with AI Note Templates

Learn how to set up templates via bliro's plattform

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Every meeting is unique. Even participants in the same meeting might be interested in different takeaways and insights. To create personalized and well-crafted AI notes that meet your specific needs, you can make use of bliro's AI Note Templates.

You can use AI Note Templates to automatically extract action items, summarize the mood of the meeting, assess its efficiency and relevance, and much more. You can really get creative!

This article provides a step-by-step guide on setting up your AI note templates.

To create a template just open the settings on your bliro plattform by clicking on your name in the upper right corner.

You will find a Template Tab on the left. Click "+ Create New Template".

Access your templates via the settings. To create a new template click "+ Create New Template"

You will enter a screen to create and edit your templates.

Give the template a title and select up to three categories. The AI Summary will be created based on these categories.

You can choose from the following categories:

  • Executive Summary - A high-level summary of the gist of the meeting in a few sentences.

  • Custom Topics - Define a list of topics. Bliro summarises according to these topics. E.g. if you use bliro for your sales qualification calls, you could put: "Customer Pain Points", "Current Tools and Processes of the Customer", "Budget", "Amount of potential users" and "Next Steps" as custom topics. You can get really creative and e.g. write specific questions or prompts into these custom topics.

  • Chronological Summary - Bliro identifies chronological chapters and summarises the conversation accordingly.

  • Mood - Bliro summarises the general mood of the conversation in a few sentences.

  • AI Topics - Bliro identifies the most important topics throughout the conversation and summarises the meeting accordingly.

  • Action Items - Bliro extracts the tasks and documents them including the responsible person and the deadline.

  • FAQ - Bliro identifies question and answer pairs from your conversation.

The preview on the right visualizes how your AI Notes will look with the selected categories.

Once you are happy with your template just click save and make sure to activate it via the the orange toggle in the template overview. Now the template is active and you can use it in your calls and meetings.

The next article will walk you through how to test and use your AI Note templates for your meetings.

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