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Privacy with Bliro
Privacy with Bliro

How Bliro protects your privacy

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As AI is increasingly integrated into our daily lives, securing the privacy of us—its users—is becoming more important than ever.

Bliro was founded by a team of experts in privacy-enhancing technologies with the goal of extracting information from conversations without tampering with the privacy of our users and other meeting participants.

We are located in the heart of Europe - Munich, Germany. Naturally, we therefore follow the strictest privacy regulations in the world.

Bliro's core technology: Privacy-Preserving Conversation Intelligence

Recording someone's voice is one of the greatest intrusions into their privacy and is therefore justifiably only permitted under strict regulations in the EU and US.

Bliro's core technology is its internally developed on-device real-time transcription engine, which was built as part of a research project at the Technical University of Munich and whose development was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Affairs and the EU Commission.

This technology enables Bliro's users to extract information from conversations without recording them. There are no audio recordings on the device our in the cloud.

Further privacy measurements

As mentioned, we do not create audio or video recordings of your conversations. Additionally, we take strict measures to secure the private data that might be included in the resulting conversational transcripts.

Your data is encrypted

Data keys are used to encrypt your data and are themselves encrypted under a secret key. No one, including us, can export the secret keys.

Data Processing in Europe

We use large cloud providers with enhanced security measurements that store your data only on Europen Servers (currently Frankfurt am Main, Germany). Also, our transcription and AI services run on servers in Europe.

Your data is protected from your employer

Only you - the user - can access your transcripts and AI summaries. Nothing is shared with your employer or colleagues without you explicitly sharing it. As the vendor, we can only access your data with your permission for support reasons.

Bliro is always under your control

Bliro does not transcribe anything without you actively turning it on. You are always in control.

Your data is not used to train AI models

Your data is never used to train AI models - neither by us, nor by our AI partners.

Your data is legally protected

We follow the strictest privacy regulations in the world: The European GDPR regulation and special German laws that secure the "confidentiality of the spoken word".

Bliro and GDPR

Read more about how Bliro can be used in line with GDPR and why active consent of other meeting participants is not needed in this article.

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