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Teach new words to bliro
Teach new words to bliro

How to use bliro's custom dictionary feature to adjust its transcription model to your use case.

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Bliro's Transcription Model was trained on publicly available data. Consequently, it might not transcribe certain words, that are special to your personal vocabulary (or to the one of your organization) correctly.

You can easily adjust bliro to your vocabulary, by adding technical terms, foreign words, product names and similar to bliro's custom dictionary.

Just follow these four steps:

  1. Navigate to your bliro platform (

  2. Open your settings by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and then on Settings & Members

3. Find the option "Custom Dictionary" on the left. Following window will open (some words might have been defined by your admin already, in this case the word "Bliro")

4. Just type a new word and click "Add to Dictionary" (in our case the word "Ducktown"). That's it! Bliro should now recognise the new word significantly better.

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