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10 tips to become a bliro pro
10 tips to become a bliro pro

Everything you need to know to become a bliro power user

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Read these 10 tips to become a real bliro professional 😍

1. Hide the Desktop App during the meeting

Do you need to share your screen during your meeting? You feel like bliro is blocking your screen during the meeting?

You can easily hide bliro in the background during the meeting by clicking on the bliro icon in the menubar. This way, you can even share your screen while bliro writes your AI notes invisibly in the background.

Drag the app by pressing and holding the dots on the left end, and Hide the app by clicking the bliro icon in your menu bar or on hide in your desktop app. Bliro will continue to write your AI notes in the background.

2. Connect bliro to your calendar

Connecting bliro to your calendar is a game changer. If you skip the calendar integration, you will miss out on some awesome features:

  • save the AI meeting notes including the meeting's participants and title

  • automatically link the AI notes to the right contact and account in your CRM system

  • summarise the meeting according to the agenda of the meeting invite (coming soon)

Click here to find out how to connect bliro to your calendar. If you use bliro with your CRM system, the calendar connection is crucial to automatically match your AI notes with the right contacts and accounts in your CRM system.

3. Edit the meeting details

You can edit all meeting details in bliro's Wrap-Up screen. If you connected bliro to your CRM system you can use the dropdowns to select CRM contacts that were part of that meeting and choose the CRM account or opportunity to add this meeting to. Also, you can edit the title and start and end times.

Open the Details Dropdown at the top of the Wrap-Up Screen in your Desktop App after the meeting to edit the meeting title and participants. This information will be prefilled if you connect bliro to your calendar.

You can also edit the meeting details on the bliro platform after you hit save or send in the bliro desktop app. Just open the menu right next to your AI notes to edit title, contacts, account etc.

Edit the meeting details via the menu right next to your AI Notes

4. Edit the AI Notes

No AI is perfect. Bliro might make mistakes when summarizing your meetings, just like a human would.

Therefore, we recommend checking the AI notes before sending them to your CRM system or other tools. You can always add information or delete certain bullet points. Any edits you make to your summary on the Bliro platform will be saved automatically.

5. Regenerate the AI Notes

In certain situations, it may be necessary to completely regenerate the AI notes. To do so, just navigate to the bliro platform and locate a meeting. Then, click on the small star (✨) icon in the upper right corner to fully regenerate the AI summary.

If you want to regenerate your AI notes with a new template, refer to this article.

Regenerate the AI Notes via the star icon in the upper right corner.

6. Use the custom dictionary

Bliro's Transcription Model was trained on publicly available data. As a result, it may not accurately transcribe certain words that are specific to your personal or your organization's vocabulary.

To address this, you can easily customize bliro by adding technical terms, foreign words, product names, and other similar terms to its custom dictionary. Doing so can greatly improve the quality of your transcript and the AI summary. Therefore, we highly recommend utilising the custom dictionary!

7. Use AI Note Templates

Every meeting is unique, and even participants in the same meeting may have different interests and want take away different insights. To meet your specific needs, bliro's AI Note Templates can generate personalized and well-crafted AI notes.

With AI Note Templates, you can automatically extract action items, summarize the mood of the meeting, assess its efficiency and relevance, and much more.

8. Choose between different CRM Objects before sending

By default bliro documents the AI notes under the correct contacts and the corresponding account in your CRM system.

The details view in bliro's Wrap-Up Screen also offers the option to send the AI notes to a specific deal, opportunity or lead. Make sure you use the details view to send meeting notes to the correct objects in your CRM.

You can use the dropdown to search through all accounts and opportunities in your CRM system and send the AI notes to the correct one.

9. Export the AI notes and Transcript via the clipboard to any third-party tool

Bliro's AI notes and transcripts are not bound to stay inside of bliro. You can copy the AI notes and the transcript to your clipboard to paste them to any third-party tool.

Export the AI notes

Navigate to the Bliro platform, locate the corresponding meeting and open the AI notes. Then, use the small copy icon in the upper right corner to export the AI notes to your clipboard.

Export the transcript

Navigate to the Bliro platform, locate the corresponding meeting and open the transcript. Then, use the small copy icon in the upper right corner to export the AI notes to your clipboard.

Select Notes -> Copy to copy the AI notes to your clipboard. Select the Transcript -> Copy to copy the transcript to your clipboard.

10. Create Highlights during your meetings

Highlights are a great way to personalize and structure your AI notes, especially in conversations where you need to digest a lot of information.

You can create a highlight in bliro whenever you hear something especially interesting. Bliro will transcribe and summarise your highlights in greater detail and add them to your AI notes.

You don't have to worry about starting a highlight too late. By default bliro adds everything that has been said 10 seconds before you hit "Start Highlight" to your highlight.

Highlight important moments with a single click. Optionally you can give each highlight a title. By default, everything that was said up to 10 seconds before starting the highlight is also saved. These highlights will be transcribed and summarized in greater detail and added to your AI notes.

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