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Bliro Quickstart Guide [Windows]
Bliro Quickstart Guide [Windows]
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Bliro is a unique tool designed to extract and save important information from your conversations. By reading through this quick guide in under two minutes, you will walk away with some superpowers:

  1. Always focus on your conversation, because bliro takes notes for you

  2. Have access to everything you ever discussed

  3. Automatically update internal tools

Installing bliro

Bliro consists of two parts. You have your personal bliro platform where a copy of every meeting you document with bliro is stored, and the bliro Desktop App. The bliro Desktop App runs locally on your laptop to transcribe and summarize your meetings.

To install Bliro's Desktop App, start by creating an account at and follow the installation steps.

For more help with the installation, refer to our Installation Guide.

If you are using Mac, please consult our Mac Quick Guide.


Watch a short Demo Video by our Co-Founder Maurice to learn about Bliro's most important features πŸš€

Passive Capture

The magic of bliro is that it runs in the background, transcribing and summarising everything you say without creating audio or video recordings. Before bliro you would have to meticulously write notes and organize them. Now you can be present in the conversation.

You can access the bliro desktop app at any time by clicking on the bliro Logo in the Menubar. You can sync your calendar to take notes for calendar events or take notes for spontaneous conversations.

Open bliro by clicking on the bliro icon

Select your headphone settings and Start transcribing and summarising a new meeting by clicking on "Start Meeting".

During the meeting

Bliro works for all meeting tools. You only need your laptop.

During the meeting, you can either toggle bliro to the background or use it in the foreground. If toggled to the background, bliro also won't be visible when you share your screen.

When bliro is in the foreground, you can write manual notes and create highlights to personalise your meeting summary. The highlights will be transcribed and summarized and saved next to the general meeting notes.

Store and access your meeting notes

Once your meeting is over, finish bliro's transcription by clicking "End Meeting". It will take 30-60 seconds until your AI meeting notes are available in bliro's Desktop App. You can edit the meeting details, such as the title, participants, and account/opportunity, via the details drop-down at the top of your screen.

Click "Save" to save the AI meeting notes on your bliro platform.

Click "Send" to send the AI meeting notes to your integrations.

Edit the details after the meeting. If your calendar is connected, details will be populated automatically. If your CRM is connected you can search through contacts, accounts and opportunities.

You will find all your meeting notes and transcripts on bliro platform. You can edit your AI Notes and the transcripts there. Also, you can export AI notes and transcripts to the clipboard and paste them into any third-party app (E-Mail, Word Document, etc.). The bliro platform is your central repository of all your conversations.

⛔️ You are using Bliro without headphones and it only captured your voice?

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