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Only my voice is recorded when calling without headphones
Only my voice is recorded when calling without headphones

The transcript lacks the parts of other participants in the meetings when not using Headphones on Windows

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If you are using bliro without headphones on your Windows machine and the meeting transcript (as well as the meeting summary) lack the parts of other meeting participants, this article is for you.

When starting a meeting in bliro, a new screen pops up. On the lower panel, you see a big orange Start Transcription button as well as the I use headphones setting. Although you are not using headphones for your meetings click on the slider and activate the I use headphones setting.

Once activated, a drop down menu will show up with system's default speaker selected. If this is the speaker you are using for the meeting, there is nothing else to done and you can Start Transcription right away.

If the selected speakers are not the ones you are using to hear the meeting from, click on the dropdown menu and select the correct speakers.

Now you are set and bliro will be able to access the other meeting participants' voices too.

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