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How to install bliro [Windows]
How to install bliro [Windows]
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Bliro consists of two parts. You have your personal bliro platform where a copy of every meeting you document with bliro is stored, and the bliro Desktop App. The bliro Desktop App runs locally on your laptop to transcribe and summarize your meetings.

To install Bliro's Desktop App on your Windows Computer, follow these steps:

Create your personal bliro Account

Visit and create your personal bliro account. Bliro will walk you through an onboarding flow to set up your first set of integrations.


At the end of the onboarding flow, bliro will prompt you to download the desktop app. Alternatively, you can always find the download option by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the bliro platform and selecting "download app".

Click "Download for Windows"

You can always download the installer via the options in the upper right corner of the bliro platform.


After the download, you can find the bliro installer in your Download Folder.

  1. Double-click to open the installer and follow the steps to install bliro. Don't worry, bliro will guide you through the whole installation.

    Open the installation file in your downloads folder.

  2. After completing the installation, please log in using the same account credentials (Microsoft Account, Google Account, or Email and Password) that you used to create your bliro account. Otherwise, bliro will be unable to connect the bliro desktop app to your online bliro account.

  3. Once you finish the local onboarding, you will see bliro's home screen. Make sure to sync your calendar to bliro by following the instructions here.

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