Transcription is not working

Neither transcription, nor summary are available in the Snippets that I created with Bliro Desktop on Windows

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For bliro to function on Windows, please make sure that system speaker is the same as the speaker you are using for your meeting. To make sure bliro can record what is being said, please make sure to align the system speaker before you start the audio recording.

For instance, if you hear your meeting via your Jabra headphones, please make sure that your Jabra heaphones are also set as your system speaker.

You can easily check your system by clicking on the sound icon in the menu bar at the very bottom left of your desktop screen.

On newer versions of Windows, click on the arrow "Manage Audio Devices" next to the sound bar to list the system speakers. On older versions of Windows, you can directly see them when clicking the sound icon.

Now select the speaker which you are using for your meeting. From now on bliro can follow and record your meeting.

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