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Teams Meeting Transcription only includes my Part
Teams Meeting Transcription only includes my Part

The transcription does not contain the parts of of other particimants from the Teams Meeting

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To record the audio of other meeting participants, bliro uses Bliro Audio Capture audio device. Once you click Start Audio in the bliro app, Bliro Audio Capture is created and used as default audio device. Usually, Teams detects that change in audio devices and selects Bliro Audio Capture as new Speaker. This all happenes behind the scenes.

However, in some cases, for instance when another audio device was specifically selected as Speaker in Teams Device Settings, Teams can remember this and prioritize the other audio device over Bliro Audio Capture.

To overcome this problem, during a Teams call or Test Teams call, navigate to … More (the three dots) and go to ⚙️ Device Settings. Under Speaker, select Bliro Audio Capture.

❗ Make sure, bliro is recording while changing the settings, otherwise Bliro Audio Capture device will not be listed as Speaker.

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