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Avira quarantines bliro-audiosnippet-api
Avira quarantines bliro-audiosnippet-api

Avira - Security Warning - Potential Thread blocked

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Does this popup look familiar?

If yes, your Ariva anti virus program falsly identifies our audio recorder as malicious piece of software. This is unfortunate, but in just a few steps the problem is solved.

  1. In the above popup, click Open quarantine . The Avira quarantine window opens.

  2. In the Threat list shown by Avira, you will find a list item with the Item name bliro-audiosnippets-api . Tick the box on the left side of the list item.

  3. Now click the drop down icon on the Delete button. Another button called Restore will pop up. Click the Restore button. Be careful and DO NOT CLICK THE DELETE BUTTON ITSELF, just the dropdown icon. In case you deleted the item, please contact [email protected] and we will help you out πŸ™‚

  4. Now you will see a report that says 1 item restored . This means that the process was successful. Now you can just restart bliro and it should work without problems.

  5. If the item can not be restored, please contact [email protected] via email and we are helping you out!

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