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Send Meeting Information to Salesforce

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By using Bliro in conjunction with your CRM system, you can eliminate the need for manual note-taking and ensure that all important insights from your meetings are properly recorded in your CRM system.

You have the option to save AI-generated notes from your customer meetings in task, event, or call objects within opportunities, accounts, or contacts in Salesforce. This automation helps streamline the tedious tasks in your CRM system.

Connect Bliro to Salesforce

  1. Visit the integrations settings on your Bliro platform:

  2. Find the Salesforce Integration and click "Connect".

  3. A new pop-up window will open, asking you to enter your Salesforce login information. Make sure your browser doesn't block pop-ups.

  4. After entering your Salesforce login information, return to your Bliro platform. You will see visual feedback confirming that you have successfully added the integration.

Bliro will show that it is connected "โœ… Connected" to Salesforce accordingly.

Choose between the Call, Event or Task Object in Salesforce

Bliro can send your AI Notes to the Call, Event or Task Object and map it to the right contact and account automatically based on the participants in the meeting invite.

To choose where to send AI notes, open the settings in the Bliro Desktop App and choose between Call, Event, or Task.

Find the settings in the home screen of your Bliro Desktop App to change between the Event, Task and Call Object in Salesforce

Send AI Notes to Salesforce from the Bliro Desktop App

After your meeting, you can use the Wrap-Up Screen in the Bliro desktop app to select the destination for your AI notes.

Just hit send in the Bliro Wrap-Up Screen. Then, choose the appropriate contact, account, or opportunity to which you want to send the AI notes and send them.

The CRM recipients will be pre-populated based on the calendar event.

Bliro allows you to choose the right contact, account, or opportunity. This meeting will be saved under the contacts "Donald Duck" and "Micky Mouse" and the account "Mouses & Co."

Send AI Notes to Salesforce from the Bliro Platform

Of course, you can also save the AI Notes in Bliro's Desktop App and send them to your integrations via Bliro's Platform later.

Navigate to the call on your Bliro Platform. The right-hand menu allows you to edit the recipients in Salesforce. Before hitting send, make sure the Salesforce icon next to the AI summary is selected.

Contacts and accounts will be preselected based on the calendar event. Make sure Salesforce is selected, then hit send.

AI Notes in your Activity Timeline

The AI notes are under the specified contact, account or opportunity in your CRM System.

Bliro will create an event, call or task (depending on your CRM settings).

It will write the AI notes into the description of the event, call or task object.

Teach bliro your language

Now that we have learned how to automatically update Salesforce with insights from your meetings, it is important to ensure that bliro accurately captures information, even when you use company-specific language or jargon. For more information, take a look at the next article: Teach New Words to Bliro.

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